Just picked up a HUGE PDP-8I and PDP-15 and .....

From: John B <dylanb_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Sun Nov 7 07:19:07 1999

Here is what I picked up: (lot of questions);

PDP-8I (came from a former Dec employee): This mini is loaded. (I am really
tired and have not had a chance to look at it all but..):

It came in two racks. The first rack contained the 8I with high speed paper
tape, and a DF32. The second rack had 4 core memory expanders (MM8I), an
AX08, an Oscilloscope interface, and a REALLY COOL NEGIBUS 8" floppy drive
that emulates 2-4 DF32s. The second rack is a "LAB-8" config. I got all the
manuals (for every part), maintenance docs, "D" size prints, heaps of OS/8
stuff, TSS/8, and disk monitor. The system came with 12 trays of paper tape.
I have no idea how much core is in the CPU as I have not pulled it out. In
the prints I saw it has "EAE" and some other options... Oh,oh, and I got at
least 30 negibus cables :-)


This unit came in 3 racks. The first rack is the CPU/control panel with:
high speed paper tape, mag tape, and a "blinky light panel on the top". The
second rack is the CPU and power supply. The third rack contains a large
drum memory unit and interface. The CPU has two large core planes. I don't
know if there are any more hidden anywhere. This unit is large and came with
6 large boxes of documentation, schematics, maintenance manuals... Software
wise it has a lot more than I expected... 45 trays of paper tape. I was told
MUMPS was on it/with it? I have not looked at the paper tapes yet.

Bought boxes of spare boards:

I also bought 10 large boxes of PDP 11, PDP 8, and other digital
peripheral/CPU cards. I will compile a list in case anyone needs anything I
am not keeping. I also picked up 15-20 boxes of brand new boards from
dec/third party still wrapped... no idea what they are yet.

Bought a large box of Nova core memory/FPU

I picked up around 10 core memory planes and tons of Nova 2/3 spares.

I got a lot more Flip Chips and another H901 blue flip chip patch panel.

I will take a picture when I can but these systems are taking up my families
hallway, living room and dining room at the moment so I have to clean out
more of my lab and roll the stuff in.

Basically, I bought everything but the PDP 11/34 that was left there.

I hope to have the 8I running early next week (looks like it is plug and


1. How much memory is inside the 8I and what was the stack size, how much
expansion is the MM8Ia s?

2. Does drum memory crash when you cycle the power?

3. I found a board made by digital that says "CMOS-8" (memory),, what model
PDP-8 does this work on?

4. Anything "bugs" I should watch out for before powering up the 8I or the


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