HP9825 on epay

From: Lance Costanzo <lance_at_costanzo.net>
Date: Sun Nov 7 09:00:23 1999

Picked this off of another list:
>Dan B forcefld_at_verinet.com
>Fort Collins, CO USA - Saturday, November 06, 1999 at
>I just took this thing off my freinds porch and stuck it on
>EBAY. Can anybody fill me in a little on its age? I used to
>play with HP 9830 computers, I think this is a little
>newer-but its hard to say. Its a 9825, with red LED display,
>tape drive, and thermal printer, and it comes with a pile of
>other junk. Well-its on ebay!~any info that I might add to
>the auction would be helpful. Thankyou!

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