Wanted: Old DEC stuff in Texas

From: Mitch Wright <mew_jac_at_swbell.net>
Date: Sun Nov 7 19:35:07 1999

Hello Bill,

 I'm in Houston and chase down DEC stuff. I've got a couple of uVAX
and a PDP-11/44. I (you) have just missed an 11/24 over in New Orleans
it was a good find but to far and big a load for me.

 I know where an VAX 11/750 is if you are willing to drive a ways.

Do you know of any sources for SMD drives? Like the sabers or eagles
used on suns a few years ago?

Are the Sun power supplies for powering SMD drives, I need one with -5V
at 6AMPs.

Regards, Mitch Wright

Bill Bradford wrote:
> Anybody out there within a reasonable driving distance (6 hours?) of
> Austin, Texas that has any old DEC gear they'd like to get rid of to
> a good home? I've got a two-car garage thats finished out with carpet
> and paneling, and I'd like to start that collection of DEC stuff I
> always wanted. I'm looking for VT1xx/2xx/3xx terminals, MicroVAX/
> VAX equipment, PDP-11 (especially) gear, etc.
> Stuff I've got for sale or trade or donation if you need it bad enough:
> Six 1200 watter power supplies for a Sun 4/690MP
> Six 2.1gig SCSI differential FH 5.25" HDs from a 4/690MP
> Six 1.3gig IPI 5.25" FH HDs from a 4/690MP
> 16-slot VME cardcage/backplane/blower assembly from a
> Sun 4/690MP
> Five 4/330 / 4/630MP deskside VME chassis
> One SCSI drive shelf and two IPI drive shelves/trays (with
> slide rails) for a 19" rack
> Two IBM POWERServer 530 RS/6000 servers, each with 64mb RAM,
> 2.3gig Exabyte tape drives, one with CD-ROM and 1gig
> HD, both with IBM 3151 amber terminals. AIX 4.1.3
> loaded, with AIX on CD-ROM included. Other stuff
> like a 16-port serial breakout box, etc.
> Couple of Toshiba laptops with the orange plasma screen (not
> sure about the models, I think one's a 3100 and one
> a 5100; I used them for serial terminals)
> If anybody's interested in any of this equipment, please let me know.
> I'd love to see it go to a good home where someone cna get some use
> out of it, and possibly get something for me to play with in return.
> Bill
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