VR241 vertical linearity problem

From: Daniel T. Burrows <danburrows_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Sun Nov 7 20:01:49 1999

>> I have seen this on many VR241's when the HT supply is about ready to smoke.
>Which HT supply? The 25kV to the CRT, or the mains supply? If the former,
>I think I might be able to track down flyback transformers for it. If the
>latter, I've got problems...

On the only one that I can recall ever taking a little time on the flyback had
smoked. It had displayed those symptoms prior however. I have seen several
show those symptoms and within a few days to at most 2 months they went up in

>The PSU in this monitor is _horrible_. It's over-complex and looks almost
That and what I can get them for is why I don't take the time. All I can
remember for sure (10+ years since I opened one for other than minor
adjustments.) is they were a real PITA design.

>Hmm... This is the only VR241 I've seen so far. In any case, my time is
>free, I enjoy fixing things, etc...

I understand. If I can ever remember to follow through on the 11's over in the
London area there will be a few up for grabs if you want one.

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