Digital PC350

From: awcl <>
Date: Tue Nov 9 11:55:00 1999

Hi All,

Ok as Tony said this is Digital Professional workstation.
The sceen lights with small square and I can see horizontal traces, I
guess fly back. Sorry It is not the vertical scan. When I got it
started fine with some os (I have not seen PDP before) with five or six
menus on it. It was so dusty, I clean the dust and now it starts with
blank dispay (with horizontal fly back lines) But if I hit keys, I could
hear beeps so I guess system works fine. I just broke the display part
or cable. This is what I see.

Monitor - VR201 - with 15pin male connector and RJ-11 connector for the
key board.

Red lights on the back 1 & 2 ON. Geen light "DC" on.

on the card slots right to left

5--002004-may be floppy disk controller
6--000401-cpu and hard drive controller

Thank you in advance for your thoughts

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