MOP bootable XXDP?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Nov 9 11:45:21 1999

>lots of tests for various subsystems in a VAX. You raise another
>interesting question which is, "Was there no way to boot an -11 over the
>networK?" I suspect the answer to that is no, there was no way. Too bad DEC
>didn't build a NMSCP that could be implemented on a network board. I

I seem to remember hardware support being there, I'm not sure if there is
any software support. Don't some of the boot ROMs support network booting?
I'm fairly sure they do. OTOH, while I remember seeing hardware supporting
this, I don't remember seeing software supporting this.

>Perhaps you are right. It is difficult for me to embrace VMS as I don't
>have the experience with it that I do with other systems (UNIX in
>particular but I am more familiar with RSX-11M for example than VMS). I do

Sounds like you've got a better starting point than I did when I started
running VMS. I'd never even run RSX-11M when I first booted VMS, so what
VMS experience I had helped when I first booted RSX-11M.

>have the full set of documentation for VMS though so it would make sense to
>pursue this path. And since I've got a "spare" :-) VAX with the VLC its
>probably a good point to start.

You're set! Face it, OpenVMS is cool, and OpenVMS Clusters are even cooler
(OK, it probably helps if you're a Operating Systems nut)! Besides it's a
LOT easier to get a OpenVMS Hobbyist system up and running now that you can
get a ton of layered products from DECUS.

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