Ebay reaches new low

From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
Date: Wed Nov 10 17:28:10 1999

Well, I cant even view the ebay listing in question. All i see is a
small box advertizing pr-tracker, and 2 horizonal lines.

-Lawrence LeMay

> gentlemen,
> the featureless panels are definitely from a Univac file 0 computer and
> even though they were commercially available in large numbers i doubt
> you have a piece of one.
> if you do not have a piece i will be glad to have your bid on my ebay
> offerings.
> how can you blame ebay for my ads? do you think the "pieces" would keep
> selling if the bidders were not satisfied?
> i am not the person who was selling the system 360 pieces, but sounds
> like he had a good deal too:))
> a side note to mrbill. i took a look at your pages and they are complex
> and beautiful BUT you have a large number of links on the sun page all
> highlighted together. i know you will want to fix that.
> i do not intend to start a war with this letter, just to let you know my
> position and that you have hurt my feelings:((
> "pathetic" ed
> =====Ed
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