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From: r. 'bear' stricklin <>
Date: Fri Nov 12 19:51:18 1999

On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, McFadden, Mike wrote:

> I just acquired 3 convergent technologies computers. They are a series of
> modules that plug together, each module is the size of a very thick book.
> They have external power supplies with a 2 foot long cable with snap
> connectors to connect power supply to module. The modules plus together
> along the side and a latch locks the connection.

These are members of Convergent's NGEN workstations. They use intel CPUs
and are not related in any way to their more well-known Mini- and
MitiFrame computers.

> information I got from the web doesn't say what kind of CPU chip was used,
> what the computers were designed for and if they are still supported. From
> several web searches I think these machines ran CTOS which was dropped by
> Unisys.

What little information you have found is correct and is about as much as
I know myself. The machines seemed to be popular at banks but this is all
hypothetical knowledge. They are not still supported. Eventually the
systems evolved from the hardware you have in front of you to a "CTOS
Executive" software module running under Windows NT on a generic
Pentium-class system.

> The date on the inside of the cases is 1983 and 1984.
> Module 1 CPU with 3 extra memory modules, one labeled datapoint, one
> convergent tech, one burroughs

With those dates, you most likely have a CM001 CPU which has an intel
80186 processor inside. The 001/8 runs at 8 MHz and the 001/6 runs at 6
MHz. The memory modules are most likely 256k apiece, and the machine
should have 256k RAM built into the CPU. As somebody else mentioned,
Burroughs made an identical line of machines under their own label.

> two right angle db9 connectors that seem to be made to connect "cluster
> controller" connector in the side of the CPU. Other looks like terminal
> cable. Does anyone know what kind of terminal would work? Any other
> information would be appreciated.

I couldn't guess what sort of terminal might be used. The machines are
foreign enough to me that I have only a vague idea of how to run one, and
all my systems use dedicated display hardware for their consoles. I'm not
sure serial consoles are supported, though I have no proof of this, one
way or the other.

Any revelations you might have I would be interested in hearing, as the
three different models of these machines I have are equally as baffling to
me as I'm sure yours are to you. (:

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