OT: Effective Speed of 10BaseT

From: ndiablo_at_diablonet.net <(ndiablo_at_diablonet.net)>
Date: Sun Nov 14 23:47:21 1999

Actually, I was wondering something similar myself :) I've got two old
VAXstation 2000's that i've been trying to netboot and neither one of
them are cooperating much.. They've both got lance boards that check
out alright with the ROM diags ("t 0"), link up fine (link light on
transciever and hub on), but when I try and netboot NetBSD on them, I
get strange %VMB-F-ERR type messages and it bombs out... I tried
pulling the box apart for inspection; the board looks like its OK..
I found a jumper on the lance board and tried moving it to the other
position, but it didnt do anything toward resolving the problem.

I get the same error with two different VAXstation 2000 systems, both
with lance boards that check out OK in ROM diags.. Is there something
I should know about configuring these little buggers or have both the
boards died in some strange way?

I'd appreciate any pointers anybody could give me on them!

 -Sean Caron (root_at_diablonet.net)
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