Effective Speed of 10BaseT

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Mon Nov 15 01:57:38 1999

SAMBA is that NETBEUI-compatible protocol used by Windows for Workgroups,
isn't it? I've heard a lot of mention of it but no details except that its
DOS client is HUGE by comparison with the already large but purportedly MUCH
smaller NOVELL IPX+NETX. (about 96K).

I'm interested in this because I use a set of DOS engineering tools, since
they suit me better and work faster than the Windows version, and are less
buggy. I'd LOVE to use DOS 6.2x as opposed to Windows since it tolerates my
video drivers. I would have to load the same DOS driver/shell under WIN9x
in DOS mode, so the same restrictions apply.

Yes, multiple versions of what should be the same driver set is what I
remember about the ethernet hookups with various versions of DEC hardware.
We didn't get around to the MAC's for a while because nobody believed we
could make that work. Finally one guy threw up his hands and hooked it up
with hardware he carried in from home. That made for some red faces among
the senior types!


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>>Perhaps you could reduce the number of protocols a bit. It doesn't always
>>make a lot of difference, but you never know . . .
>I wish! Let's see, if I want the Mac to talk to VMS I've got to use
>AppleTalk, since DAVE (basically Samba for the Mac) and the Samba version
>of VMS don't mix. If I want to talk to RSX-11M I've got to use DECnet.
>Samba for Windows, since that's cheaper than getting NFS for Windows (why
>pay for something I wouldn't really use). Then most systems talk TCP/IP.
>In an ideal world every system would be running TCP/IP and using NFS to
>access remote disks, but it's not an ideal world. Good luck finding NFS at
>any price for the Mac (don't think you can get it for the Amiga anymore
>either), and I've spent the entire evening trying to get the VMS box in
>quesiton serving up NFS.
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