NFS on VMS (was Re: Effective Speed of 10BaseT)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Nov 15 02:37:58 1999

>> I think the problem is with the way I've got the Proxies set up. I can
>> mount the drive on my OpenBSD box, but can't access it, can't even see it
>> when I do a 'df' (that is a seriously wierd experience).
>Sounds more like permissions may be involved. This is not as simple under
>VMS as it is under Unix. (As you no doubt are aware)

A minute before pulling this in I finally managed to prove that.

>> I also can't figure out how to export a directory instead of an entire
>> disk, it doesn't even look to be possible. I'd really like to export
>> DKA200:[PCTMP], instead of DKA200: since that's what's served up via
>> AppleTalk and Samba.
>It's possible. Which IP stack/NFS Server are you using, & what version of

OpenVMS 7.2 w/TCPIP 5.0 off the Hobbyist CD's.

I did finally figure out how to export DKA200:[PCTMP]

What I find _VERY_ disturbing is what I did just now to get it to let me
access the one disk!

TCPIP> add proxy /gid=-2 /uid=-2 /host=* system

As near as I can tell the above command gives _anyone_ accessing the disk
via NFS _SYSTEM_ access. In a work, SCARY!

TCPIP> show proxy

VMS User_name Type User_ID Group_ID Host_name

HEALYZH ONDCD 500 500 sunny, zeus, avanthar,
SYSTEM OND -2 -2 *

I think my problem is, that there is something wrong with the above
mapping. Well, that and you seem to need to have root mapped to SYSTEM to
even be able to map it. Obviously the correct answer is I need to RTFM!
I'll have to see about reading it tomorrow when I've some free time.

On a positive note, things seem to be working better with DKA200:[PCTMP]
mapped to "/dka200/pctmp"! So I'm just about there I think.

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