From: Sipke de Wal <sipke_at_wxs.nl>
Date: Tue Nov 16 14:28:51 1999

A serious version of this experiment could be executed with a
on the processor. Some years back they sold cooling fans that included a
peltier-element (a diode running a DC current that cools on one side and
heats up on the other). The exess heat needs to be fanned away. This way
you should be able to effectively overclock a 486DX100 in a practical

Sipke de Wal

Hans Franke wrote:
> Well, do you still belive Overclocking etc. is still
> modern stuff talk ? See what you can do with your
> good old system:
> http://totl.net/Eunuch/index.html
> (Start the browser, it's worth, and I can't tell anything :)
> Gruss
> H.
> Back from Helsinki - no Finish computers :(
> But just today I found two partly plundered MX 300 and a
> real old MX 500 running for a safe heaven in my storage :)
> --
> Der Kopf ist auch nur ein Auswuchs wie der kleine Zeh.
> H.Achternbusch
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