Help identify a 'luggable'

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Date: Tue Nov 16 14:35:34 1999

I am trying to help someone identify a machine. They believe it is
a Compaq 'luggable', but the name plates have been removed.
Following is some info. I realize it is not much to go, but if anyone
has some insight, I would appreaciate it.


*outside dimensions
    width 19", length 17", height 7 1/2 "
* keyboard has spiral cable from back right of keyboard to main case, and
has sliders that move toward center of back of kb to unlock
*monitor is 'orange',
    left edge is 3 5/8 inches in from left outside
    right edge is 11 1/4 " from left outside
* power/reset push buttom is near bottom of front panel, center 6 1/2 "
from right side, center measurement
* opening for diskette drives ( a 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 ) has left edge 6 5/8
inches from right side
* there are apparently nameplate 'places' at
    back left of keyboard
    top left on from panel
* keyboard has 3 red lights at back left labeled ( left to right )
    caps lock
    num lock
    scroll lock
* on the left side ( looking from the front ) is a sliding door with
    access to end of circuit boards inside for plugs
    a rocker switch labeled - MONO RGB
* on right side door
    power switch
    socket for AC power cord
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