FA (eBay) SBC collection: KIM-1, SYM, TK-80, and... lots of freebies

From: Andrew Davie <adavie_at_mad.scientist.com>
Date: Wed Nov 17 07:02:32 1999

Hi everyone

I've not been following the list for some time, so please - replies to my
personal email at adavie_at_mad.scientist.com
I'm preparing for a planned interstate move sometime (as soon as possible),
really. Everything must go!

My prime reason for writing is to point to my current eBay auction of my
Single Board Computer collection - comprising a KIM-1, a SYM, and a TK-80.
There's a photo with the description, and if you're interested, the URL


As I'm trying to cut down on the amount of stuff I'll have to move, I'm
offering FREE to any worthwhile home some of the following...

    PDP 11/23PLUS, with assorted disk packs, monitors, tapes, etc.
    XEROX (unknown model)
    various interesting old computers, tapes
    TRS-80 Colour computer in original box.

... and lots more, really.

I do have some machines which may be up for sale - or trade - please write
to me if you would like notification of when I will get to these. These

    Exidy Sorcerer lot (don't panic, Doug). - including 2 sorcerers, several
disk drives, and hundreds of floppies.
    Australian Microbee computers (lots).
    (possibly) a Dulmont Magnum
    (possibly) a Datanumerics DL-8A
    Creativision with BASIC cartridge, tape unit.
    Hanimex Pencil II
    Sharp (sorry, model unknown - its buried in the garage) - takes magnetic
bubble memory cartridges; of which I have a few.

Tradewise, I'll be looking for a Hewlett-Packard HP-65 calculator, in
particular. When I say (possibly) this means I basically know these
machines are unique, and they're worth a lot to me. But, money is needed
for the move. So...

I'm based in Sydney (Australia). Anybody caring to drop in will probably
leave with lots of interesting old junk! I have a heap of books/magazines,
including technical documents for some interesting machines, such as the
Microbee. Basically, I'm a pack-rat (aren't we all?) but have decided I
really need to simplify my life.

I hope this finds you all well, and enjoying your collecting!


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