From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Wed Nov 17 07:13:41 1999

> For laughs I've been running a 486dx/33 (intel) at 66mhz in a dell box.
> The only mod if the heat sink is a moose I had and its attached to the
> chip using a BEo filled thermal epoxy. Runs cool and it's solid.

486dx33 at 66 MHz ? Well, I don't want to be picky, but wouldn't
this result in 66 MHz CPU bus ? Sounds a bit off for 486 Boards.

> I've tried that in a socket5 Mb I have using a 486dx2/50 at 100mhz, seems
> fine after three months. The cooling is not big a problem.

Jep, the most notable CPU is still the AMD 5x86 (486dx4/133 with
extended cache) - I have them running at 4x40 MHz == 160 MHz without
any problem - only for high load apps the cooling must be presen,
a Linux (web) server can even run without a fan.

> I consider both abuse, but hey I have a few. Besides I've done that before
> with 8085s and Z80s with no ill effects.

I found it hard to run NMOS 6502 on more than 1.3 times their nominal speed.


P.S.: When designing a new cooler element/radiator, keep in mind that
      silver is a way better thermal conductor than Al or Cu.

Der Kopf ist auch nur ein Auswuchs wie der kleine Zeh.
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