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Date: Wed Nov 17 10:11:18 1999

On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Hans Franke wrote:

> > For laughs I've been running a 486dx/33 (intel) at 66mhz in a dell box.
> > The only mod if the heat sink is a moose I had and its attached to the
> > chip using a BEo filled thermal epoxy. Runs cool and it's solid.
> 486dx33 at 66 MHz ? Well, I don't want to be picky, but wouldn't
> this result in 66 MHz CPU bus ? Sounds a bit off for 486 Boards.

ISA not PCI. The bus is still cpuclock /n and n in that case is 8.

> > I've tried that in a socket5 Mb I have using a 486dx2/50 at 100mhz, seems
> > fine after three months. The cooling is not big a problem.
> Jep, the most notable CPU is still the AMD 5x86 (486dx4/133 with
> extended cache) - I have them running at 4x40 MHz == 160 MHz without
> any problem - only for high load apps the cooling must be presen,
> a Linux (web) server can even run without a fan.

I have about 8 of them running here at work including one as a NT3.51
server all at 133mhz. Very good machines!

> I found it hard to run NMOS 6502 on more than 1.3 times their nominal speed.

The 8085s and z80s would run that fast but things like propagation times
don't shrink so the access times and all do not scale well. For example
take a 4mhz z80 to 6mhz and you better have memory that is faster than
what would be needed first at glance. Same thing pushing 8085H-2 (6mhz,
to 8mhz).

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