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Date: Wed Nov 17 11:49:51 1999

>>I passed one up a couple of weeks ago. Seller was asking 95 pounds, was
>>prepared to sell for 80, but no less - she claimed the Windows 95
>>installation on the hard drive was worth that. I told her just what I
>>would do if I got a machine with Windows 95 on it... (hint: it involves
>>a disk partitioning tool and a Linux distribution kit)

> Are you sure this was a P70 (which usually shipped with 386s) and not a P75
> (which usually shipped with 486 or better processors)? I tried a Win '95
> installation on my 4MB RAM/120 MB HD/386 P70, and from "power on" to "ready
> to use" took over two minutes. Trying to open any windows or run any
> applications caused a frenzy of drive activity (reading and writing to the
> swapfile, I suspect). I can't imagine anyone actually using a P70 running
> Win '95. Running Windows 3.11 though, they were decent portables for their
> time - nice crisp display, good keyboard. Very capable "get some work done
> in your hotel room" computers.

No, I'm not sure, but I thought it was a P70. (I wouldn't have bought it for 80
quid even if I had known/believed it had a 486 in.) It was a briefcase-sized
thing that stood vertically - the keyboard flapped down (or took off - can't
remember) and the plasma panel tilted out a little.

As for your performance problems, based on your description of the "flurry of
drive activity" I suspect that it would work better with more memory. No, I
didn't ask how much memory this thing had.

Much as I like plasma displays, I am not sorry I didn't buy this one.


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