IBM 9370 Mainframe Specs?

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Date: Wed Nov 17 11:55:14 1999


> Mainframe? Yeah, I guess it could still be called that because of its
> intended application to handle a whole enterprise plus it is a CMOS
> implementation of the good ol' S/370 iron. However, its performance was
> rather poor compared to IBM's newer AS/400 family launched about the same
> time as or just before the 9370.

I know that this is not very helpful but I think the 9370 was announced in 1987,
since I saw stuff on it during my summer job at IBM that year, and not the
previous year. I never saw anything about the AS/400 at that date, nor even
during my summer job the following year (although that latter was building cash
dispensers, so I was a little out of touch with the rest of IBM)

Anyway, at the time I regarded it as a mini-mainframe. Mini because it didn't
need a separate computer room (and was advertised on this basis), mainframe
because it was still huge and packed full of IBM custom hybrids (which were
probably built of IBM custom chips), as well as the 370 compatibility...


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