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From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Wed Nov 17 14:49:53 1999

Here is a list of DEC gear I must get rid of. It's a sizeable part
remaining of that Great Haul I had back in Summer '98. Setting out in our
garage. Also, some miscellaneous items are listed at end.

Absolutely no room to keep the machines as I must soon clear out a storage
cubicle upon which I'm paying $62/month rent. I could certainly better use
those bucks for paying bills and also want my radio items stored at home.
Can't contact anymore -nor find thru searching to the best of my ability-
the previous party who was interested.

So it goes to the list. Come an' get it!:

** VAX 11/750 with a TU78 console tape cartridge (diagnostics? boot?) Was
mainline system at the place I got all this gear from. Office had been
closed since 1994 and equipment stored there. Owner decided to not renew
his lease and had to get rid of everything fast (in the meantime, I
discovered this and bought a truckload of goodies :-) Reportedly has VMS
5.3 or 5.4 plus several diff. language compilers on the RA81's listed next.
Set of six TU78 cartidges with VMS 5.3 on them.

** RA81 in 40" rack (p/o the 750).

** TU80 tape with RA81 drive in 40" rack (p/o the 750).

** PDP-11/24 w/FPF11 (M8188) floating pt. option, two RL02's all in 40"
cabinet. Cabinet is same physical size as the 750's cabinet (40" high,
about same width & depth.) Console prompt okay but need to fix RL02 problem.

** PDP-11/34A in a 40" rack. Not complete. Old, early style, square-edged
shaped metal programmer's panel. Not the stylized plastic shape most are.

** RL02, at least three units *not* including the two in the 11/24. Fault
lights appear on two or three (yes, I checked them while hanging off my
11/34A with RL controller :-)

** RL01, one unit. Fault light, IIRC.

** RK07's, four units. One is known to come up without a fault. Another has
rather noisy spindle bearing. Others Fault, IIRC.

** RK611 system unit for BA11 with all five boards. Came out of the 11/34A
I'm keeping.

** RA60 (needs to be fixed) Seems to be a platter motor driver problem. No
spin-up, IIRC. Two disk pacs included.

Note: I strongly suspect this RA60 went with my 11/34A, which I'm keeping,
as the box had the UDA50 boardset installed and of which was up and running
next to the 11/750 at the ex-owners' office. So, probably 11/34A-specific
software on the pacs. It's RSX-11 v. 4.2 or 4.3 I rather suspect. *Think* I
have an extra UDA50 boardset boxed up somewhere. There's a set in the 11/24
I know. Then again, it could have hung off the /24 as it, the RA60 and the
/34A were all setting near the 750. Rest of the stuff on this list, except
for two RK07s, were crammed into a small storeroom up the hall.

** decwriter I (LA180) page printer. Not checked.

** decwriter II (LA36) printing console. Not checked.

** decwriter III (LA120) (Typical printing console device for the 11/750,
et al). Not checked.
       (BTW: What's the exact differences between the decwriter II and
decwriter III ??? I've got no documentation on them.)

** ADM-11 terminals, two units. Not checked (as of yet).

** VT100 terminals & kbds. Two or three units. Working fairly well IIRC.

** DECmagtape system. TS03 drive and TMB11 I/F (together called a TMB11-M
system). Mounted in a DEC 6' tall PDP rack (with the purple and magenta
trimpiece at the top). TMB11 I/F mounted in a 10.5" BA11 box. Not checked.
Has two of the three RL02's mentioned above residing in the rack. Uses 7"
dia. tape reels mentioned next.

** tapes 7" size, 800 BPI, about 85 of them

** 7' tall tape storage rack for hanging above tapes.

** RK07 disk pacs, about 20 or so.

** RL01 disk pacs, about 20 or so. Have to sort out some to keep on hand
for an RL01 I'm keeping.

** RL02 disk pacs, about 25-30 or so. Same, have to select-out some for one
or two RL02s I'm keeping.

Here's something from my collection which *must* go because of severe space

** Tektronix 4015-1 graphics terminal, two units, same as 4014 except
includes APL keyboard and 19" screen. I've had these in the collection for
14+ years and they still worked when last checked in '97. RS232
communications. Came out of the old IBM Endicott plant in '84/'85 when they
"downsized" (jeeeze, I dislike that word now since I had personally
experienced it last year :( ) Kinda big.

** Zenith Z19 terminals, two or three. One I know has defective RS232
chips, other(s) are okay.

** Zenith Z90. Carterphone OEM version. Some additional boards and parts
go with it too. Worked, no floppy installed.

** Teletype ASR33 (one or more units). One or more may function. Need

** Bunches of Zenith Z150-series boxen and keyboards. 15 sets I think, in
various conditions.

I might dredge up some more smaller stuff to toss onto this listing as time
allows. There's certainly more to go.

I'm waffling on getting rid of my VAX 11/730 which needs mass storage of
some sort added and some other minor restoration. It's a small big iron VAX
which makes me unsure whether to get rid of it so far.

If ya want to contribute a little $$ on top of shipping/packing material
costs I sure won't complain! :-)

Smaller items could be shipped but the big stuff should be picked up
(unless you're prepared to pay the freight costs for it).

Phone: 1.716.488.1722 from 08:00 to 20:30 EST. Location: Western NY State,
off the NYS Rt 17(very soon to be I-86), just past West side of Jamestown
on Rt. 394.

Thanks for your interest. Please take it away soon!

Regards, Chris
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Christian Fandt, Electronic/Electrical Historian
Jamestown, NY USA
        Member of Antique Wireless Association
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