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From: Marvin <>
Date: Wed Nov 17 15:03:17 1999

As I loaded my *small* car with the remains of what we had set aside, I
found another small box had been set there. Seems there are a number of new
IMSAI metal plates, one labeled "IMSAI VDP-40", and the other labeled "IMSAI
VDP80". In another box of "goodies", I found the dealer information along
with invoices, etc. for Seals Electronics, Northstar, and IMSAI.
Unfortunately, he wanted me to destroy the personal/business stuff so I
guess those invoices will be history. I will double check with him though to
see if it is okay to keep that stuff.

Other misc. stuff included a box of about 25 S-100 cards, the Corona PC-400
luggable, Vector Graphic S-100 box (don't recall the model), some Corona
motherboards, a Corona Laser printer, and a number of service manuals for
Corona/Cordata computers. I asked him about the situation of Corona changing
to Cordata, and his response was that Smith-Corona had a problem with the
name so the company became Cordata. All in all, this has been a most
worthwhile save.
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