New finds and some h-11 help

From: Mike <>
Date: Thu Nov 18 13:52:40 1999

Hi all,

I've been fortunate lately. Recent system arrivals include a Motorola
Exorcisor&Disk and MEK 6800d2, an OSI Challenger iii and replacement power
supply, an OSI Challenger 500 with a chunky doc set, a MITS 680, a KIM-4/hb
tvt-6/etc...,and a Heathkit H-11/H-27.

Frankly, I'm overwhelmed, but enjoying it.

It's hard to find all the necessary time each of these machines are
screaming for between all my other grand schemes but I manage. I've been
pretty quite lately but lurking when I get a chance and as usual have
enjoyed it all.

I know there's alot on the h-11 in the archives and I'll hit them too but I
know zilch about it right now. The cards in the tilt out qbus(?) are:
    1. Digital M7264
    2. H-11-5 Serial i/o
    3. H27 Floppy i/o
    4. H-11-5 Serial i/o
    5. M8044 CB
    6. M9400 YB
    7. WHA-11-16 16k x 16k Memory

First question, does it matter how these boards are plugged into the
backplane? If so, where do they go? What are boards #6 and #7? The
WHA-11-16 had a memory chip that was partially popped out and the right
drive latch on the H-27 is cracked but repariable I think. Next question,
anyone got a recommendation on where I can find that rectangular(4x6 pin)
serial connector? And lastly, dc on, dc off... ???

I'd appreciate copys of any docs for this thing anyone is willing to copy
(and software too...)

My goal is to get rt(h)-11 and some decus? software (a c compiler) software

Thanks for any help
- Mike:
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