Xerox D-series workstations

From: Rodrigo Ventura <>
Date: Thu Nov 18 14:06:57 1999

        I've just read your mails about the Xerox's keyboard/mouse
interface, and it seems I've reached the same conclusions
(cool!). Now, I'm still hacking a simple 422-232 interface, using the
HandyBoard's MAX232 and some TTL logic. Although, I've been able to
receive ASCII text from the bus. Can't send useful data still. (I can
post the details of my connections if anyone interested). When the
workstation boots, it sends a burst of data through the RS422 bus (in
        01 55 aa 00 01 02 03 ... fe ff 00 01 02 03 ... fe ff

But I still can't get a repeatable behavior, I mean, when I press some
keys, the xerox seems to react, but if I press the same keys again, it
does not. I suspect It has to do with an improper 422-232 level
conversion. I'm going to try again tonight.


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