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Date: Thu Nov 18 17:11:09 1999

Maybe not public domain, but I don't think, for example, Commodore (or
whoever owns them now) would mind posting the schematics for the C64, or if
someone were to scan in the owners manual for a TI/99, or a VAX 11/750
technical manual. Otherwise, if a company goes belly-up, who owns the
copyright then? The disclaimer I'm looking to write acknologes all
copyrights, and would allow the holders to request that I take them down, as
long as they can proove that the copyright is still valid and that they own

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> Public Domain? Not if there's any indication of a copyright on them.
> That disclaimer you plan to write will not cut it if there is a copyright
> on the documents. Very few documents could be considered PD unless they
> not have a specific copyright notice OR if there is a general specific
> release given by the copyright holder to PD OR the copyright holder gives
> *you* permission to hang it out on your website for the public to see with
> a notice stating the copyright holder still retains copyright. Recently
> revised copyright laws make *everything* copyrighted nowadays.
> US Government printed documentation is usually not copyrighted and
> therefore PD, for example, that is if it's not classified or secret.
> Military technical manuals on mil radios and mil electronic test equipment
> are in this category. After all, the US *public* paid for writing,
> preparing and printing them. I've got about nine shelf-feet of such
> in my collection.
> If you find Government printed computer manuals you should be out of
> trouble. But what computers that we'd have in our collections would have
> gov't. issue manuals?
> Regards, Chris
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