Some More VAXish (SYSBOOT) questions..

From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu Nov 18 17:05:26 1999

Well, my resources concerning SYSBOOT limited to:

  From memory:
    [Ctrl/P] Switch to Processor Console Mode
    H Halt a running system (Worse than crashing it)
    I Initialize (Program counter??)
    U Unjam (??)
    B Boot (From curent parameters??)

  From AA-LA00B-TE, Sys Mgr's Manual (for V5.2):
       "Emergency Startup After Modifying System Parameters"
    SET/STARTUP Designate a Console Device
    CONTINUE Return control to the Boot

  The Sys Mgr's Manual then refers to:
    "VAX Processor Installation and Operations Guide"
    for detailed booting instructions.

  That's all I have. Anybody else want to add anything?


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Well, thanks to all those who replied last time.

I think I may be getting somewhare with the vax.
cant get the tape drive or deqna cards working,
(their leds tell me something is wrong) but that is not what I am going
to be asking about.

When I try and boot the vax, I get

Loading system software,

%SYSBOOT-E-Unable to locate file DUDRIVER.EXE
    PC = 0000692B

now I can get into the sysboot utility, have no idea what to do here.
Is there a way I can get around this missing file, is the some command
at the chevrons (>>>) or the sysboot>
that I can use to get round this?



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