Classic Hardware Documentiation Project

From: Al Kossow <>
Date: Thu Nov 18 19:10:48 1999

"I'm all for that. I fall into that latter as I've got a bunch of hardware
without docs and have found none around so far. Then, I've got some docs
but not the iron . . .

I think most folks are in the same situation, and I REALLY hate it
when I find out Frank, Eric, or someone else out here has a manual
that I just paid out the nose for on eBay. I'd be willing to host
this on spies, if folks feel like sending me lists of docs or sw
that they have for non-consumer computers (minis, etc. someone else
can take care of the micros..) and a contact adr. I'll have to do
this by hand for now until I can put some scripts together that
would let people add/delete things through a web interface.
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