Classic Hardware Documentiation Project

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Date: Thu Nov 18 19:40:48 1999

> I think most folks are in the same situation, and I REALLY hate it
> when I find out Frank, Eric, or someone else out here has a manual
> that I just paid out the nose for on eBay. I'd be willing to host
> this on spies, if folks feel like sending me lists of docs or sw
> that they have for non-consumer computers (minis, etc. someone else
> can take care of the micros..) and a contact adr. I'll have to do
> this by hand for now until I can put some scripts together that
> would let people add/delete things through a web interface.

One thing that might be cool is a list of doc's that people have available
for *trade*. I don't know about everyone else, but I've got a growning
collection of doc's that I'd like to trade for doc's that I don't have.
This includes a large amount of DEC documentation.

Don't you just love those eBay auctions where you bid on a whole pile of
doc's just to get part of them.

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