Some More VAXish (SYSBOOT) questions..

From: Paul Thompson <>
Date: Thu Nov 18 21:22:37 1999

Hope this hasn't been covered and I missed it.

If you're running the Vaxstation series you can do this below. Other VAXen
might need a BOOT/R5:xxxxxxxxx to accomplish the same thing.

B/e0000001 - boots standalone backup utility with SYSBOOT> so you can
             turn off the stupid time question (SET SETTIME 0 )
B/00000001 - boots default SYS0 image invoking SYSBOOT>

SYSBOOT> commands include

SET SETTIME 0 -- turn off time prompting, a personal favorite
USE DEFAULT - in case you muck up your PARAMS
SET STARTUP_P1 "min" for minimal start
SET STARTUP_P2 "pdc" for startup to be logged in a
SYS$something:startup.log file
SET UAFALTERNATE 1 to boot past a forgotten SYSTEM password.
SHOW * or SHOW /ALL (I can't recall which) shows all settings.

If you don't have SDI/DSA disks (which I think is what DUDRIVER operates)
you might want to check if clustering is being set in SYSBOOT, as well
as things relating to SCS.

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, John Allain wrote:

> Well, my resources concerning SYSBOOT limited to:
> From memory:
> [Ctrl/P] Switch to Processor Console Mode
> H Halt a running system (Worse than crashing it)
> I Initialize (Program counter??)
> U Unjam (??)
> B Boot (From curent parameters??)
> 2..1..0..
> %SYSBOOT-E-Unable to locate file DUDRIVER.EXE
> ?06 HLT INST
> PC = 0000692B
> now I can get into the sysboot utility, have no idea what to do here.
> Is there a way I can get around this missing file, is the some command
> at the chevrons (>>>) or the sysboot>
> that I can use to get round this?
> Thanks
> Benjamin
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