New finds and some h-11 help

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Nov 18 21:46:04 1999

<I know there's alot on the h-11 in the archives and I'll hit them too but
<know zilch about it right now. The cards in the tilt out qbus(?) are:
< 1. Digital M7264
< 2. H-11-5 Serial i/o
< 3. H27 Floppy i/o
< 4. H-11-5 Serial i/o

an ok designed DLV11e/f serial card.

< 5. M8044 CB

memory Q18 FYI:

< 6. M9400 YB

Teminator with boot, last card on the bus ALWAYS.

< 7. WHA-11-16 16k x 16k Memory

16k static ram, heath... Good memory.

<My goal is to get rt(h)-11 and some decus? software (a c compiler) softwar

Decus C will run under RT.

Watch out for the PS, the heath design was a switching low voltage design
and tended to fry itself.

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