New finds and some h-11 help

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Nov 18 21:46:17 1999

<I've got two complete H-11 systems but have not yet got them running. Back
<burner project setting with all the others. Should get to them I guess so'
<I could help several here who have them. I could look up stuff if either o
<you need info. Seems Allison has had one for years that she hotrodded with
<a better CPU, etc.

Thats mroe or less true. Got rid of that box many years ago and am
collecting the heath bits to make another. I have many Qbus 11s though and
the heath is just another qbus 11 of less substantial design.

I happen to like the h11-5 serial board, if DLV11-F or F similar and can be
set up for current loop or rs232/423 with or without modem controls. I'm
still using one to support a LA100 using the RT-11 LS driver, works very
good _at_9600 baud.

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