New finds and some h-11 help

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Nov 18 21:46:28 1999

<> Will it boot into a monitor without the h-27 attached and is there a comm
<> reference somewhere around?

ODT, yes. Boot program no unless on the 9400YA. the LSI-11 cpu does not
have boot program. I forget if the H27 Qbus card has a boot. Either way
most PDP-11 boots are not that long to type in via ODT.

<That depends entirely on your CPU/boot rom combo. My 11/23+ CPU (KDF11-AB
<has an interactive boot program that lets me test stuff, dump the bus and
<boot devices by name (DY0, DL1, etc.) The older ROMs for the 11/23+ aren'
<as fancy - boot prompt (Y/N) and optionally the device mnemonic. No diags
<no dialog.

The 11/23+ was extended in that area, the 11/03, 11/2 and 11/23 (m8186)
have no boots at all but, do have ODT. the 11/23 (m8189) series had three
different rom sets with various boots that handled RX01/02, RL01/02, RK05
and Mop via serial plus other boot flavors and self tests.

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