PDP-8/m !!!!

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Date: Fri Nov 19 18:18:21 1999

> The board order on Omnibus machines is not that critical, and there's no
> grant chain or anything like that, so you don't need grant continuity
> cards and you can have empty slots between boards if you want.

Ah, didn't know this, good to know.

> However, it's normal to put the M849 just in front of the core memory. In
> other words to have an order something like :
> M8330 Clock
> CPU cards
> I/O cards
> M849 shield
> Core
> M8320 terminator
> So in your case swap round the M8560 and the M849.
> It shouldn't really matter, but...

You're right, although I'm honestly not 100% sure what order the cards are
in the machine. That was the list that was provided to me. I'm going to be
pulling all the cards out and cleaning the system up tomorrow anyway. I've
had the 3 volume PDP-8e/f/m set for a while, so I'll probably be using it to
go through and check out the system. With, I would assume, plenty of
questions for the list.

I'm afraid I got the machine a little over an hour before I had to leave for
work, so I've not had much of anytime to look at it. (Gotta confess, the
web page was all ready to go, just needed pictures and to be linked in.)
> According to the prints for the M8650, it's got both current loop and
> RS232 (EIA) buffers. You just have to use the right cable, which is the
> same as the cable you use with a DL11E (or whatever) in a PDP11.

Cool! I just happen to have a cable that's been sitting on the front seat
of my Pickup for the last couple of weeks that should work.

> > However, there is a Canon plug that I've no idea what it goes to.
> Well, trace the cable...

That would tell me it's a ground cable :^) Unfortunalty neither end is
attached to anything, except one wire is attached to ground. One end is a
10-pin Cannon Plug, the other end is a 28-pin connector (flat double row
connector 14 pins per half, never can remember the name for these) with one
hole plugged to key it.

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