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From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Fri Nov 19 18:27:23 1999

Upon the date 10:36 PM 11/18/99 -0500, Jerome Fine said something like:
>>Christian Fandt wrote:
>> Here is a list of DEC gear I must get rid of. It's a sizeable part
>> remaining of that Great Haul I had back in Summer '98. Setting out in our
>> garage. Also, some miscellaneous items are listed at end.
>> Phone: 1.716.488.1722 from 08:00 to 20:30 EST. Location: Western NY State,
>> off the NYS Rt 17(very soon to be I-86), just past West side of Jamestown
>> on Rt. 394.
>> Thanks for your interest. Please take it away soon!
>> Christian Fandt, Electronic/Electrical Historian
>> Jamestown, NY USA
>> Member of Antique Wireless Association
>> URL:
>Jerome Fine replies:
>About how many minutes are you from the Peace Bridge crossing?
>And can you give a brief suggestion of how to get to your place?

Hi Jerome,

Sorry to say the DEC gear was quickly spoken for by a fellow out in
Colorado. Seems it didn't faze him as to the weight and volume of
everything -he indicates he'd rent a U-Haul or somesuch and come and get
it. Well, that's okay provided he follows thru. Since last fall -a year
now- I'd thought another fellow from California wanted it. He seemed to be
hot for it but he never kept up communication with me and I can't contact
him anymore. Now, if the CO fellow ends up not taking it then I'll get in
touch with you. You intended on taking *all* the DEC gear? You hadn't
indicated that in your msg above.

Anyway, I *just* got home ten minutes ago from a web site designing seminar
held at the Hyatt in mid-Buffalo and it was about 75-80 minutes (at 70 MPH
on the Interstate). We're West of the West side of Jamestown. You should be
able to find Houston Avenue on one of those Mapquest sites. Full address
below just in case. I'm hoping that the fellow comes out within the next
month or two.

Thanks for your reply and interest Jerome.

Regards, Chris
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