PDP-11 Freeware CD's under emulators

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Date: Sat Nov 20 09:09:40 1999

>Perhaps Tim Shoppa or Megan Gentry could comment on the
>legality of using PUTR to split apart SIG tapes into their smaller
>DSK files.

The RT-11 (and RSX-11 and RSTS/E and ...) SIG tapes, like all DECUS
contributed material, had their authors sign pieces of paper stating
that the material can be redistributed and repackaged as necessary.
So there's no problem with manipulating any of these as you need or

John Wilson, at the top of PUTR.DOC, says:

             PUTR is a copyrighted but freely distributable utility for
        transferring files between various file systems and various

He doesn't put any limitations on its use.

So I see no difficulties with using PUTR to do anything you want with
the PDP-11 freeware archives.

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