PDP-11 Freeware CD's under emulators

From: Megan <mbg_at_world.std.com>
Date: Sun Nov 21 20:50:00 1999

>So for you fellows who are using the Supnik emulator with V5.3 of RT-11
>on a PC under DOS/W95/W98, you must still rely on PUTR to legally
>extract the DSKs at the very end of the larger ones which exceed the
>size of an RL02 as opposed to using the hobby version of E11 with
>V5.3 of RT-11. Also, if you have a SCSI CD-ROM drive, PUTR
>will allow access to the last 7 partitions on the CD while you would
>have to have the "Full" commercial version of E11 to do the same. I
>will also investigate the use of the "Full" commercial V2.1A of E11
>to access those partitions using an IDE based CD-ROM drive on a
>PC and let you know the results.

If in fact there is as much of a problem as you say (have you tried
it yet), it certainly shouldn't be much of a problem to edit the RL
source so that the VARSZ$ .SPFUN returns a larger size. Remember,
the whole idea behind VARSZ$ was to remove any device-specific size
dependencies from the RT monitor or utilities. If it reports that
the disk is a larger size, so be it.

I'd certainly try that (after simply trying it without making the

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