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From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sun Nov 21 00:58:09 1999

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>OK, I've got most of the boards out of the PDP-8/m, and some of them are
>rather in need of cleaning. Anybody have any recommendations? I don't
>remember what the suggestions were the last time this came up, I just
>remember that my method (Pink Pearl Eraser) was recommended not to use :^)

        Well, lessee here... Some years ago, Miller-Stephenson turned out some
very nice prepackaged pads made specifically for cleaning gold edge
fingers. Motorola bought them up by the gross. I believe they were called
'GoldGuard' wipes, and I found them to be exceptionally good at their task.

        They not only clean gold contacts, they also leave behind a protective
transparent film (you'll never see it unless you look through a microscope)
that helps to prevent corrosion.

        They should still be available from large electronics supply places, or
dealers like Jensen Tools or Specialized Products. Heck, you can probably
order them from Motorola if you really want to...

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