HP's not cool? (was Re: pdp-11/60 Semi-Rescue)

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <af-list_at_is1.wfi-inc.com>
Date: Sun Nov 21 10:49:02 1999

I think anyone who has been hooked by HP gear would say the same thing.
Even before anything with the HP logo on it could grab my undivided
attention, I was always amazed at the kind of ingenuity and engineering
brilliance that went into the physical design of the systems.


On Sun, 21 Nov 1999, Jay West wrote:

> Joe wrote...
> > I think I'll drop a 9845 on Zane the next time I go to Portland!
> Nah, get him a 21MX E or F series. That'll hook him!
> I dearly love my PDP-8E, but I truely believe the architecture on the HP
> 21MX line to be far more elegant. Not necessarily superior, but certainly
> more elegant. Just my own biased opinion....
> Jay West
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