Argh!!! PDP-8/m Memory

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sun Nov 21 10:34:10 1999

--- Tony Duell <> wrote:
> > Been looking through the maintenance manual, and it looks like among the
> > things I need to do tomorrow to check this out is to test voltages on both
> > the G104 and G227 boards. This has me wondering, does it matter if the
> > order is G104/H220/G227, or can you order it like G227/H220/G104 for
> > testing so you can take readings on the G227 board?
> AFAIK, you must put the core stack in the middle (so the top connectors
> all fit), but you can have the outer boards either way round. All Omnibus
> slots are equivalent, and the top connectors are symmetrical as well.

One point about "symmetrical"... you _do_ have the core plane in right-side
up, don't you? IIRC, the OMNIBUS side of the core stack is the one with only
grounds on it; the connectors with all the signals going to and fro is for
the top.

I'm not saying you did it, but it'd be easy to reinstall the stack with the
top side down.


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