Argh!!! PDP-8/m Memory

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Nov 21 13:58:03 1999

>One point about "symmetrical"... you _do_ have the core plane in right-side
>up, don't you? IIRC, the OMNIBUS side of the core stack is the one with only
>grounds on it; the connectors with all the signals going to and fro is for
>the top.
>I'm not saying you did it, but it'd be easy to reinstall the stack with the
>top side down.

Excellent question, I'd not even considered this. Unfortunatly, or very
likely fortunatly it was in there properly. Two reasons for that, one
that's the way it came, and secondly the sticker that says it's a 4K core

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