Yet more on -8/m Mem problems

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Nov 22 03:24:08 1999

OK, I've discovered something, but have no idea what it means. For all
that goes, I am honestly not sure why I discovered it other than I was
fooling around with the front panel while checking voltages on the memory

I had the following results when depositing 7777 to the memory.

Memory locations: xxx0 - xxx3 don't save anything
Memory locations: xxx4 - xxx7 save 7760

This holds true to at least location 0200.

On to other matters, I'm trying to do the resistance checks on pg. 4-16.
I've run into a couple of problems. It says that each winding for one bit
~3 ohms, however I show them at ~6 ohms.

Also step 6 tells me to check the resistance of diodes FSA2501. Um,
someone mind explaining how to do this exactly? Beware, I don't have the
equipment to put the core plane on extenders and run cables to the G104 &
G227 boards. Near as I can figure out they're a diode array from Fairchild
Semiconductor, however thier web site doesn't have a data sheet. Shouldn't
the resistance readings from one chip match that of another chip?

Oh, I do have the scope at home now, but haven't tried anything yet, or
checked into how horrible the probes are (I remember they're pretty

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