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Date: Mon Nov 22 06:47:15 1999

>This came up at dinner with Eric Smith on Friday. Is Charles Lasner
>( still with us? I have a bad feeling about this..
>This email adr doesn't work any more, and the last posting from him
>was in 1996.

You might try "". From my account there:

$ run [.fish]fish
Connected to host, port 22.

Remote version: SSH-1.5-1.2.26

%FISH-I-INFO, Exchanging Keys
%FISH-I-INFO, Cipher: blowfish
Logging in as user shoppa
%FISH-I-INFO, Entering interactive mode

Last login: Tue Nov 16 22:17:33 1999 from timaxp.trailing-
No mail.
Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.6 Generic August 1997

NOTICE - We are no longer; we are now
Be sure to make all new links, e-mail, etc refer to
[]</export/sunsite/users/shoppa>% finger lasner
Login name: lasner In real life: Charles Lasner
Directory: /export/sunsite/users/lasner Shell: /bin/ksh
Last login Mon Nov 22 01:48 on 2 from
No unread mail
No Plan.

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