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>Mike Cheponis wrote:
>> I must say, however, with my digital TDS 210 now, I rarely use the 465
>> unless I need more than 2 traces, and I don't need the digital capture
>> and measurement facilities of the '210 that makes working on the bench
>> -much- more productive.
>Well, you seem to like the TDS 210, so I'm curious, which would you
>recommend fixing up the 465B (as seems to be the general advice) or get a
>210? Is there any classic computer gear I'd need a better scope for?

Watch used 210s.. Tektronix recalled a huge lot of them (I think almost all
of them) last year as the connection to ground was breaking off inside the
scope (Yikes!). Also, the 210 has a shitty display like my THS720A... it is
LCD and rather fast changing waveforms can look like a band of black on the
screen (very annoying).. The price is right and the storage is nice but the
display is not anywhere near as nice as a CRT.

Best thing to do is go to your local Tek dealer and try out a TDS210 and a
CRT model (maybe even a 694C ;-) ).. See which one your comfortable with
and then buy used if you don't want to spend the bucks.

I don't recommend throwing away a few hundred dollars on an old piece of
junk... you just might get another PDP-8 to fix! ;-)


>> > On Tue, 23 Nov 1999 14:45:59 -0800 Al Kossow <aek_at_spies.com> writes:
>> > > Fry's isn't a good place to buy anything. They would be the LAST
>> > > place I'd buy any test gear from.
>OK, it's no where near the same class, but they are who I bought my Fluke
>from, they appear to have a good selection of what I hope is new test
>equipment. I do have one rule about buying stuff at Fry's, I don't buy
>anything there if I think I might want to take it back. So far I've not
>any real problems, however, the longer they've had their store up here in
>Oregon, the worse their prices seem to be. It's no longer worth it to make
>a trip down there based on prices. But for some things they seem to be the
>best place to go if you want a good selection, and test equipment looks to
>be one of those things.
> Zane
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