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Date: Tue Nov 23 19:22:48 1999

john wrote:
> Watch used 210s.. Tektronix recalled a huge lot of them (I think almost all
> of them) last year as the connection to ground was breaking off inside the

If I replace the scope I've got, I don't see me trying to cut corners again
by getting another used scope. If I do, it will be from a reputable dealer.

> scope (Yikes!). Also, the 210 has a shitty display like my THS720A... it is
> LCD and rather fast changing waveforms can look like a band of black on the
> screen (very annoying).. The price is right and the storage is nice but the
> display is not anywhere near as nice as a CRT.

I've got to admit I'm wondering about the quality of a LCD display.

> Best thing to do is go to your local Tek dealer and try out a TDS210 and a
> CRT model (maybe even a 694C ;-) ).. See which one your comfortable with
> and then buy used if you don't want to spend the bucks.

Sound advice, I figure I'd like to be able to see what I'm getting before I
get it. However, a quick look at the Tek site has me suspecting I'm not
going to want to spring for any more than a TDS210.

> I don't recommend throwing away a few hundred dollars on an old piece of
> junk... you just might get another PDP-8 to fix! ;-)

I like that kind of reasoning :^) I'd still like to get something like an
-8/i one of these days, but the -8/m is better than nothing (and it's taken
a long time just to get it).

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