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From: wpe101_at_banet.net <(wpe101_at_banet.net)>
Date: Tue Nov 23 20:03:16 1999

     I've got in my basement a Heath model 100-203-31, which was apparently
something from a home study course, or something, as it's labeled on the front
"Bell and Howell Schools". I got it from someone I knew, who wasn't into
electronics (didn't even know what it was), a couple years ago, and I've never
gotten around to even plugging it in, so I don't know if it works, or what..
Bottom line is, if anyone wants it, better than seeing it go into the brown
"Waste Management" barrel, as I don't think I'll get
time to play with it. I'm about 18 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts. If you
want it shipped, (here's where the * comes in!) I'd appreciate a little
contribution via return mail toward the shipping costs, after you receive it.
E-mail to wpe101_at_banet.net.

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