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From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Tue Nov 23 21:28:25 1999

Rumor has it that wpe101_at_banet.net may have mentioned these words:

[snippage of free stuff...]

Holey, macaroni... talk about free 'scope nite...

I have 3 (count 'em, 3) HP1741A's (or was that 1714A) known "un-good"...
tho I have powered them up, and from my limited surveying seem to have
different faults so you'd prolly be able to get one (maybe two) good
working scopes out of them. I do remember that 1 or 2 tubes are good,
AFAICT. No probes with them... sorry.

I got them when the local university was having their "garage sale" and
they had just unloaded these off the truck... I said "how much ya want"
and, expecting $50+ per, they said "dunno." I said "do they work?" They
said "dunno." I said "$5 each?" They said "Sure." They're in decent shape
other than the fact they don't work. Clean inside and out, from what I saw
of the innards.

I'm easily willing to eat the $5 per without heartburn, someone getting
these who might bring 'em back to life is payment enough for that. However,
reimbursement in shipping is necessary... If ya wan't 'em fast, it'll cost
ya - they've got handles, but that's a misnomer. They're *really* heavy. If
you don't mind a "slow-boat-to-China" approach and are willing to meet a
trucker at a truckstop on a moment's notice (or if you have a
rig-accessable drop-off point near an interstate highway), my dad is a
trucker. I could box them up for outdoorsey storage and the next time my
dad has a load to wherever you are (he trucks the whole US) he can call you
and meet at a truckstop to win your prize. Warning: There is *no* guarantee
when he'll get thru a particular "neck of the woods" so it could take
upwards of a year to get them delivered. But it would be *really* cheap...
my dad would prolly gratis the shipping end of things if I made the box[es]
rugged enough and so it doesn't take up much room on the flatbed, and the
box[es] itself would entail $10-$20 worth of materials, so a "donation"
along those lines would be appreciated.

Why so generous ;-)? 3 weeks after I got 'em, a friend of mine was selling
a Tek fribblemumble (I think... I don't remember numbers well -- 50Mhz,
dual trigger, with 1 probe) for $200. *Great* scope for the $$$. He was
looking to buy something faster... until he saw the price of new 200Mhz
scopes. (He didn't look until after he sold it... Did I take advantage of
him? Nah - I told him he can borrow it whenever he wants... ;-) I also
found him a "like new" 250Mhz scope for sale on Haggle.com for around $400,
but he didn't jump. I did hope to use the Tek to fix the HP's, but that was
*really* low on my priority list.

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