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Date: Tue Nov 23 22:15:10 1999

--- Jeffrey l Kaneko <jeff.kaneko_at_juno.com> wrote:
> My sentiments exactly.
> I should *never* have sold my 465B. It was in pristine condition,
> and I sorely miss it today. I would seriously look for a *nice*
> 465. They're old, but there were alot of them made, and they're
> pretty reliable (well, I never had any trouble with mine, anyway).

That ain't old... I've got a Tek 317 that I bought at auction about six
or seven years ago... it has an A.E.C. inventory sticker from 1968. The
sign at the auction cashier's window said, "All equipment is guaranteed
to be non-radioactive". Some reassurance. :-)

It didn't come with probes, but a friend of mine at the local university
found me a package of vintage probes, unopened, in a drawer. Probably been
there since they were new.


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