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>--- Jeffrey l Kaneko <jeff.kaneko_at_juno.com> wrote:
>> My sentiments exactly.
>> I should *never* have sold my 465B. It was in pristine condition,
>> and I sorely miss it today. I would seriously look for a *nice*
>> 465. They're old, but there were alot of them made, and they're
>> pretty reliable (well, I never had any trouble with mine, anyway).
>That ain't old... I've got a Tek 317 that I bought at auction about six
>or seven years ago... it has an A.E.C. inventory sticker from 1968. The
>sign at the auction cashier's window said, "All equipment is guaranteed
>to be non-radioactive". Some reassurance. :-)

I just won two Tek RM503s on EBay, one for my 8/S and one for the 8I. Talk
about old.... I have never worked on scopes this old... Hope I can get them
up and running to play spacewars soon. These were the original scopes used
in the LAB-8.. and now I find out (contrary to quite a few things in the
PDP-8 FAQ) they were also used as the oscilloscope on the 34D interface.

How is your 8/e restoration going?


>It didn't come with probes, but a friend of mine at the local university
>found me a package of vintage probes, unopened, in a drawer. Probably been
>there since they were new.
>Infinet has been sold. The domain is going away in February.
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