Debugging ONMIBUS cards

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Date: Wed Nov 24 07:22:44 1999

> the PDP-8/a, I can't generate discreet operations to run the CPU through its
> paces and I can't toggle in simple programs. I have the prints for the
> DKC8AA. Is it feasible to build my own front panel? I don't even have one
> to copy; I'd be guessing the whole way. If I could use the KK8A in the -8/e
> box, I would use _its_ front panel, but that doesn't seem to work either.

Fix the 8E box first. don't worry which board is not working but start
with that box and a minimal configuration.

Forget TTY, Forget OS8, Forget teh full spread of boards just the base CPU
and memory thats all. Make that work then add peices. when they are good
you can transfer them to the 8a. The 8E front pannel is fairly simple and
a logic probe will be adaquate to shoot it if the switches and lights
aren't enough.

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