MicroVax I microVMS 4.1 Password locked out.

From: allisonp_at_world.std.com <(allisonp_at_world.std.com)>
Date: Wed Nov 24 07:27:37 1999

> I dont know how to get a SYSBOOT Prompt or Conversational Boot on my
> MicroVax I. VMS System managers Manual states that this info is in
> "Hardware System installation & operators Guide for (my) specific system. I
> don't have this guide.

Try B/1 DUAx or B/100

> Is there A FAQ somewhere on breaking in past your username/password prompt
> from microVax console?

Same for all Uvaxen and I forget where it is. But you have the
sysmanglers manual and I believe it's in that.

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