The Computer Museum History Center Collections Policy

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 20:09:43 1999

Megan wrote:
> I would suggest that the move from boston cannot expect to have
> reduced any ill feeling but increased it...

I can understand that those who live on the east coast may feel
slighted by this, but when you consider that the PURPOSE of the move
was to get the collection into a place where it could actually be
maintained in a reasonable manner, surely you'd have to concede that
to be better than letting it languish (and possibly meet a much more
horrible fate) in Boston.

It will obviously take some time for TCMHC to win the trust of those
who felt betrayed by the actions of TCM. But in all fairness I think
that their intentions are better judged by their recent actions than
those taken by TCM years ago. TCMHC seems genuinely concerned about
preserving the historical record, and educating people about computer
history, rather than simply acting as a thinly veiled outlet for Intel
advertising. This is, for instance, demonstrated by such things as their
IBM 1620 restoration project. There is a lot of interest in restoring
other systems as well, but there aren't enough resources to do multiple
systems at once.
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