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From: Dag Spicer <>
Date: Thu Nov 25 00:26:36 1999

Thanks Eric for your thoughful comments. In particular I appreciate your
willingness to give the History Center a chance. I think this thread has
been fruitful in re-establishing our connections to the collecting
community at large and I have received numerous positive comments from
individuals on the list wishing to get involved in our activities as well.

I am hopeful this can be a fresh start for all of us to bootstrap computer
history even further and share information (and war stories!) about our
fascinating hobby. The Center is placing quite a few of its video archives
on-line as digital media streams in the weeks ahead and I will let the list
know when they become available.

Also, we put out our quarterly on-line newsletter today at: If anyone on the list
wishes to be added to our regular (low traffic) mailing list, please just
drop me a line.

Thanks again for getting in tuoch!


At 02:09 AM 11/25/99 -0000, Eric Smith wrote:
>Megan wrote:
>> I would suggest that the move from boston cannot expect to have
>> reduced any ill feeling but increased it...
>I can understand that those who live on the east coast may feel
>slighted by this, but when you consider that the PURPOSE of the move
>was to get the collection into a place where it could actually be
>maintained in a reasonable manner, surely you'd have to concede that
>to be better than letting it languish (and possibly meet a much more
>horrible fate) in Boston.
>It will obviously take some time for TCMHC to win the trust of those
>who felt betrayed by the actions of TCM. But in all fairness I think
>that their intentions are better judged by their recent actions than
>those taken by TCM years ago. TCMHC seems genuinely concerned about
>preserving the historical record, and educating people about computer
>history, rather than simply acting as a thinly veiled outlet for Intel
>advertising. This is, for instance, demonstrated by such things as their
>IBM 1620 restoration project. There is a lot of interest in restoring
>other systems as well, but there aren't enough resources to do multiple
>systems at once.
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